Sananguaq Youth Small Business

Funded by the OFIFC

This program for youth of ages 13 to 29, used traditional Inuit art to teach skills while learning small business information.

Youth were being mentored by skilled artisans from the community and were learning such skills as carving, jewelery-making and sewing. This was a social enterprise, whereby the youth were making some money but are also contributing to sustainable programming. Youth also participated in bi-weekly business meeting with Enactus business students. Youth were given 60% of what was earned from the sale of their items and the other 40% goes back into the studio for materials and equipment.

The youth sold their wares at various events and craft shows and an online store.

The studio was funded through TD Bank and the small business was funded through OFIFC.

For more information, contact the Coordinator: Charlotte Carleton, 613-746-5400, ext. 224