Women’s Services: Violence Prevention

The Women’s Services, Violence Prevention Program works with community members and partners to find better ways to help Inuit women and girls who are victims of violence. This program is funded by Status of Women Canada and, over the next 3 year, we will work with community to develop a resource module, train Inuit women to deliver the resource module to service providers, and work closely with Ottawa Police Services to find ways to help Inuit who are victims of violence in a more culturally sensitive way.

Including Inuit women and girls is an important part of this project. They will help identify where services could be different and guide us in creating resources that will reach out and help other women and girls within the Ottawa Inuit community and those fleeing violence in Northern communities.

We will also reach out to the service providers who come into contact with Inuit women and girls so that we are all working towards the same goals of supporting Inuit women and girls who are victims of violence and to provide information and resources to prevent violence for others.

Women’s Services: Violence Prevention Coordinator
Rebecca Jones, 613-744-3133, ext. 219 rjones@ottawainuitchildrens.com


Status of Women, Canada