Uqausivut Culture and Language Program

Promoting and supporting the retention of Inuktitut
in an urban setting

The Uqausivut program began in 2008, since then it’s been able to offer a variety of language retention activities for children, parents and the community. We believe this program is essential to keeping Inuktitut alive in Ottawa and look forward to continuing this program.

Fall Session Inuktitut Lessons starts October 14

EVERYONE WELCOME! OICC will be offering:
(1) Family Class for children ages 5 to 12; (2) Adult Beginner Class for age 13 and up.
Saturdays 10 am to noon at RE Wilson Public School, 373 McArthur Avenue.

For more information, call Uqausivut Coordinator: Stephanie Etuangat, 613-744-3133, ext. 249 uqausivutcoordinator@ottawainuitchildrens.com

What Child and Youth Participants have said: A few of the children said it was helpful because they have graduated from the OICC programs at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre and there is no Inuktitut spoken in the mainstream school system.

A participant said it has helped assist them to feel more confident in the use of Inuktitut.

Child: “I am learning so I can speak to my birth mom in Inuktitut.”

What a Partner Agency Participant said: “I work with Inuit children and felt inspired to learn more about the language and be able to speak to the kids in their language of origin.”


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